5 things we want to see from the new Apple iPhone 15’s camera


As we quickly approach September, rumours about the Apple iPhone 15 are spreading like wildfires. That includes the photography aspect of the device. In recent years, Apple has improved its software and hardware. However, this may not be enough to keep up with their rivals. These are the 5 things we want to see from the new Apple iPhone 15’s camera.


#1 Use the latest hardware

In addition, the new iPhone 15 could feature better hardware for the ISP. Recently, their rival (Qualcomm) has improved its Snapdragon image processing pipeline to ensure robust focusing. It also enhances exposure and RAW domain processing. In addition, Qualcomm provides support for the latest HDR tech on top of computational photography. As a result, Android phones have already benefitted from this tech. However, the same can't be said about Apple's Bionic ISP. We hope that an upgrade is coming soon.


#2 Integrate Multi-frame HDR and dual ISO sensor tech

This September, we might see a version of the multi-frame HDR and ISO sensor technologies in iPhones. Apple’s Photonic Engine and Deep Fusion work well in low light and for zoom. But these features will work better if given the right tools. Hence, the multi-frame HDR and ISO sensor technologies should be on the list for iPhone cameras. It is important because it offers benefits that current Apple devices lack. After all, this tech is also widely available in most Android phones now.



#3 Better base camera quality

Apple has a good track record with its base camera for iPhones. However, they have found themselves trailing behind Android companies recently. For instance, Google Pixel, HONOR, Xiaomi and other Samsung Galaxy flagships offer more consistent base camera shots. Besides, it can be a hassle changing to the Pro settings for the best photography results. A new iPhone should offer you better point-and-shoot consistency compared to other phones in the market. For its price, you should expect more out of the base camera.



#4 Improved software for photography

The new iPhone should include better software for photography. The Photographic Styles is great, but it could do better with more options for exposure and colour profiling. Apple could take this feature to the next level by offering more freedom in readjusting styles post-shot when editing RAW. After all, it would be a bit of a let-down if it could only feature yellow tints and white balances.


#5 Balanced wide focal length

Moreover, Apple could also reduce its wide focal length. Previously, the iPhone 14 sported a very wide main camera thanks to the WFL (Wide Focal Length) reduction from 26mm to 24mm. However, this came at the cost of better portrait photography. Rumour says Apple could introduce an up to 5x or 6x telephoto feature and a main focal length of around 30mm. This is great because it would make the iPhone 15 camera package more balanced and flexible. Plus, it can help cover a wider range of focal lengths with high quality.



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