6G technology is already within Samsung's plan


In this competitive technological world, most smartphone brands and telco are already gearing up for 5G connectivity. And then...there's always this one guy who's ahead of the pack. Not to say it has already happened, but Samsung is looking beyond 5G. Yes, it's 6G.

Of course, this will take a few more years after 5G becomes stable, but Samsung just wanted to let everyone know that their current telecommunications research team will likely move on to that stage after the 5G launch. They are a part of the Advanced Communications Research Center (quite new, we heard) which is under the Samsung Research company, as the main research and development centre in Seoul. Fun fact, they are also working on artificial intelligence and robotics.

Another fun fact, a 6G network's transmission speed is about a 100x more than 5G. In other words, the milliseconds is reduced to microseconds. Samsung is not alone in this, like the USA, China and the European Union are also working on 6G connectivity but there are no verified sources to confirm that. Stay tuned for more tech news at TechNave.com.