99% of cheap phone chargers are unsafe and a fire hazard


samsung-mains-charger-genuine_828.jpgWhile you may be heading to your nearest pasar malam or your nearest phone shop to buy that cheap charger for your brand spanking new iPhone (or even Android) – be warned. Those chargers are cheap because the manufacturers has most likely cut corners here and there to keep the price down, which results in an unsafe peripheral.

A recent finding, based on an operation conducted by British safety investigators has revealed that 99% of the third party chargers they tested in labs are failing basic safety tests. The chargers were determined to have “insufficient isolation with potential for electric shock.” This could also lead to sparks, which can result in the chargers being a fire hazard.

Buying accessories on the cheap can be a double-edge sword – you save money, but in turn you increase your risks in putting you and your family in danger of potential disaster anywhere it is being used. As always, we advise everyone to proceed with caution, and to stay tuned to TechNave for more news and info in the world of tech.