A board game champion retires as he failed to beat AlphaGo, an AI player

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Are you a fan of board games? Then, have you ever heard of Go? Go is one of the most ancient and complicated board games in the world. Obviously the players need to be really smart to play the game, but the former champion of the game, Lee Se-dolstated that he is retiring as he is 'not smart enough' to beat his AI opponent.

Lee Se-dol announced that he is retiring from the game as the artificial intelligence developed by Deepmind, a Google-owned company is hard to be defeated. The AI goes by the name AlphaGo and it is specifically designed to defeat top human competitors of Go. “With the debut of AI in Go games, I’ve realized that I’m not at the top even if I become the No. 1 through frantic efforts,” Lee said.

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In 2016, Lee lost a five-game Go match against the AlphaGo. The match has given AlphaGo the recognition as one of the symbols of rapid advancement of AI technology. Lee has also mentioned that it is impossible to defeat the AI as it is too smart. The AlphaGo has studied thousands of professional matches which allows it to anticipate opponents’ moves and counter with the most effective strategies.

Other than Go, the company has also developed AIs for several other popular strategy games. The AIs have mastered from classic board games like chess and Go to competitive video games. Last month, an AI designed by the company for the game ‘StarCraft II’ named AlphaStar has reached the rank of grandmaster, beating 99.8% of human players.

It sounds like AI is making its way to defeat all the players from all kinds of games. With that being said, no matter how hard we try to win a game or be the top 1 in the rank, we will always lose to an AI.

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