A complaint counter over internet coverage issues will be set up, as instructed by Fahmi Fadzil


A few hours ago, our local Minister of Communications and Digital, Fahmi Fadzil shared some news about our internet coverage issues. As you already, we Malaysians just love to complain about it and MCMC plans to set up a complaint counter.

It was reported that 97% of populated areas are covered by telecommunications networks, whereas in Sarawak, 84% of the coverage has been covered. However, the quality has not met expectations. Most of the issues include network congestion, coverage gaps, frequent service interruptions, experiencing a disconnected line from a call and others.

To ensure Malaysians have a good internet experience, Fadzil said that are a few metrics to monitor the internet quality service and experience provided by our local telcos. He has issued instructions to MCMC to ensure the issues should be resolved by June this year.

To overcome these issues, one of the methods would be using domestic roaming. This would allow a telco to use a third party's existing infrastructure and offer its internet services, which could overcome the coverage gap issue. Anyway, you can watch the whole video above for the full context.