A foldable smartphone by Huawei could come in 2018


It's been quite a year for Huawei, they have successfully released the P10 series, Nova 2i got huge sales and the latest Mate 10 series are getting good recognition over the world. But the company isn't resting just yet, they are already thinking of 2018 and get this - they are already working on a foldable smartphone!

From the words of Huawei CEO, Richard Yu has confirmed that a working prototype device is in development, the staff are working hard to improve the mechanical design for a “better, more flexible screen technology and it has two displays which will eventually be a single foldable screen.

We can actually see foldable screen smartphones as a trend in the future, as Samsung, ZTE and Lenovo are reportedly working on their own models. Are you excited about foldable smartphones? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned for more Huawei news at TechNave.com.