A guy is selling a loaf of Gardenia bread for RM699 on Twitter and people are really asking for discount

Gardenia cover edited.jpeg

During the pandemic, we’ve realized some of the things that we can easily get during normal days, can suddenly become precious treasures. With the movement control order being implemented, many have gone out and ransacked the grocery stores for daily supplies. Among all the stuff, instant noodles and toilet papers appear to be popular when we’re facing this unfortunate virus outbreak. Other than those, the supply of bread from famous household brand Gardenia is also facing shortage and someone is selling it for RM699 online (what on Earth?!).

A Twitter user posted a post to resell a loaf of bread from Gardenia for a price that is way out of our acceptable range. In the post, the user mentioned that the bread is a rare item and comes with “smell from the shop”. Other than that, the user also offers “Cash On Delivery” service in the Melaka area for the loaf of bread that is going to expire on 27 March 2020.


Although it’s not clear whether the user’s intention is to joke about it or anything else, the post still went viral and caught a huge amount of attention. There are even some users who commented on the post in hopes to get a discount for the bread. I think this is how far human can go for a loaf of Gardenia bread.

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