A hashtag landing page is rolling out for YouTube globally now


If you watch YouTube regularly, you may have noticed YouTubers putting hashtags in the YouTube video description. Why do they bother putting hashtags? And what was the point? Well, like Twitter and Instagram, the hashtags help you to find certain topics and Google just rolled out the feature.

To find this feature, you will have to go into a YouTuber's video page first and find the hashtags appearing there. After clicking on the hashtag, it will bring you to a landing page with every other video that has the same hashtag. At the moment, you can't use the hashtag in the default search engine but a YouTube spokesperson said it will be available in the coming weeks.  


TechCrunch also pointed out that the hashtag on YouTube isn't the same as others. For instance, YouTube will show a mixture of new and old videos whereas Instagram will only show the most popular photos and videos. Nonetheless, it would be easier to find videos with the same topic so that's nice. 

It's about time YouTube implemented this, although it's also fine if they didn't as well since the search engine algorithm is quite well done. Anyway, let us know what you think and stay tuned for more trending news at TechNave.com.