A new Huawei P20 Aurora model with 6GB + 128GB is released in China for ~RM2671


At this moment, only the Huawei P20 Pro has the Twilight model and it has been proven as a popular option to have thanks to its colour mash-up between purple and cyan. So due to its popularity, Huawei has decided to launch a P20 Twilight (or rather Aurora, according to this source) model as well.

Officially launched in China, the P20 Aurora is slated at 4288 Yuan (~RM2671) which is around the same price as ours at RM2599 but here's the kicker - although the Aurora and Twilight looks very similar, it's said that the colours behind will change differently from how the light shines on it, but it doesn't specify what kind of colour it will show. Perhaps it's the same thing, but just a different name for the China market. To add on to that, the P20 Aurora is also configured at 6GB + 128GB memory as well, making it superior to our local P20 model here which is only 4GB + 128GB.

Besides that, everything else of the tech-specs is the same. Will Huawei Malaysia import this special edition? We hope so. Stay tuned for Huawei news at TechNave.com.