A patent filed by Nintendo reveals a Joy-Con controller strap with stylus pen

Joy Con controller EDITED.jpg

With gaming consoles like Sony’s Playstation 5 and Microsoft’s Xbox Series X coming out this year, many are expecting Nintendo to release an upgraded version of its popular Switch console as well. Rumour has it, the Japanese video game company is actually planning to announce a ‘Pro’ variant by this year, but nothing has been confirmed yet. Now, a patent filed by Nintendo was spotted and it is most likely to be from the new Nintendo Switch console, and we can’t really keep our excitement.

The patent was filed on 4 June 2019 in the US Patent Office, and it revealed how the Joy-Con controllers might look like for the new console. They have now added a stylus pen into the Joy-Con controller strap, which purpose is to make handheld gaming experience better with the touchscreen. It actually makes sense as the stylus pen is always one of the company’s symbols with its Nintendo 3DS family.

Joy Con stylus 1.pngJoy-Con stylus 2.pngJoy Con stylus 3.png

Other than that, the patent also showcases how the stylus pen will come in handy with gameplay that requires drawing. While holding the Joy-Con to draw, it is also easy to get to the buttons for features like adjusting the thickness of the line or maybe switching pens’ styles. Furthermore, the Joy-Con will vibrate as well while touching things with the stylus pen to bring fun interactions.

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