A patent reveals that the Google Pixel 6 might be coming with under-display camera

Google Pixel 6 under-display camera cover EDITED.png

The under-display camera is probably the most sought-after smartphone feature in 2021. After ZTE led the industry by presenting the Axon 20 5G that comes with an under-display camera earlier this year, we believe others might have already started preparing theirs as well. With that said, a patent of Google Pixel 6 has been spotted and the device could come with one.

The patent discovered by Patently Apple shows a Pixel device that doesn't include a visible front camera. There is no notch or cutout on the screen to house the sensor. Therefore, Pixel 6 might be the one that Google will introduce the under-display camera with.

Google Pixel 6 under-display camera 1.png

The ZTE Axon 20 5G's under-display camera doesn't have huge problems when it comes to photo quality. However, we expect that Google will propose solutions that are much better given how well the Pixel lineup handles image processing. If it's true that Google Pixel 6 is coming with this feature, 2021 will have one more thing for us to look forward to.

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