A special telco package for all p-hailing riders with a discount will be announced today


Update - U Mobile and Yes have announced their P-Hailing plans

Yesterday, Fahmi Fadzil, Minister of Communications did a Facebook post about talking with a Foodpanda rider. After hearing the burdens of Nazirul not having enough savings, especially for phone bills as a rider, Fadzil decided to do something about it to help the B40 food delivery riders.

Fadzil will make the announcement today, according to his post. If you missed the story, the summary is that the food rider is only earning RM4000 per month and his wife is not working. As every parent knows, milk and baby diapers are expensive and sometimes there are no savings after spending it. Furthermore, the rider had to borrow RM200 one time just to pay his phone bill for two months.

With that, Fadzil said he and his office have already started a series of discussions with all the telcos to propose a specialized mobile package plan for the riders. It's not just the food delivery riders but in fact, a special package will be announced for all p-hailing riders.

So far, U Mobile has announced its special package plan for this (click here to read it). Well, we will keep an eye out for the rest of the telcos' plans today so until then, do stay tuned for the official news later on.