A video of a chimpanzee controlling a flying drone has gone viral


You're probably thinking if this video or real or not, there's no way that a chimpanzee can pilot a flying drone, right? Well, it was posted on Twitter by @susantananda3. It seems bizarre at first and something that would happen in a sci-fi movie (hint: Planet of the Apes), but biology nerds will you otherwise since chimpanzees are scientifically the closest animals to humans.

@susantananda3 is an employee working for the Indian Forest Service (IFS) and she posted the video about three days ago, it has since then picked up a thousand likes and hundreds of retweets. It's actually quite amazing to see such control precision by the chimp, while the other one just sits there observing. If we had to guess, it probably took them a few hours to understand how it works and a few days to master flying the drone but only above ground level.

Here are some fun facts - BBC reports that the DNA gap between chimpanzees and humans is only 1.24%. An adult chimpanzee's intelligence is also equivalent to a 6 years old child and there are also some cases where the species can get high by themselves with alcohol.

Anyway, we don't need to worry so much about chimpanzees overruling our planet any time soon. This ain't a movie! #touchwood. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at TechNave.com.