A way to chat with Keanu Reeves himself in a private Zoom call

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Cover image source: Entertainment Tonight

Keanu Reeves is an A-list celebrity that always keeps his profile low. The man doesn't have any social media accounts and would like to keep his life as private as possible when he's not on the silver screen. Now, it is reported that he will be on a Zoom call with a person who bids the highest in a charity drive. Therefore, not only you're doing it for a good cause, but you'll get to meet your favourite celebrity too.

The initiative is to fund a children’s cancer charity, Camp Rainbow Gold, located in Idaho, the U.S. in which Keanu Reeves has partnered with. For the highest bidder, he or she will get a 15-minute "date" with the celebrity. Those who are bidding have also been asked to prepare questions in case they got the opportunity. The highest bid currently sits at 18,500 USD (~RM79,143) thanks to a generous anonymous donor.

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Of course, this is not the first time for himself to be involved in charity events. He is a person who doesn't like to put his name on the good things that he has done. Reeves also believes that health is more important than money, that's why he gives a lot and lives simply. It is also mentioned that he had actually set up a charity foundation years ago to help children who are battling cancer.

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