AI Writing Check is another ChatGPT checker we tried, so you don’t have to


It’s no secret that educators are scrambling in the wake of AI like ChatGPT being used to write essays and other homework. Well… now there’s another free service to check whether or not the content has been written by ChatGPT called AI Writing Check. Developed by and, it promises a more secure free site than previous ChatGPT checkers, but just so you know… it didn’t work for us.  

According to the AI Writing Check introduction, they tested it on 15000 essays and the tool is 80 to 90% accurate in identifying whether or not the text was written by AI. While it is free, there is a limitation in that it can only handle up to 400 words at a time, but this is to be expected since it is completely free without even a hint of any freemium ads to click on.


Unfortunately, it doesn't work very well, even with articles like this written using ChatGPT AI

Unfortunately, when we tested it with AI paraphrased text of our posts, the AI Writing Check tool still predicted that it was written by a Human. We then tested it with an actual article written by ChatGPT… and again, it predicted that it was written by a Human. So, while they do mention that the tool is a stopgap solution for now, it’s hard to recommend, at least for us.  

What about you guys? Do you have any AI or ChatGPT checkers you’d recommend? Let us know in the comments or our Facebook page and we’ll try it out, but till then do stay tuned to