AI for Instagram DM? This feature might arrive very soon


If you frequently use Instagram, this rumour might surprise you. According to a Alessandro Paluzzi on X, Instagram might integrate AI into its DM feature. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, Instagram is rumoured to be working on AI features for its DM (Direct Messaging). This is not uncommon, because we have seen Galaxy AI with Chat Assist, Google Message that can reply to messages with AI and many other applications. So, we could expect Meta to follow suit.

Additionally, the AI for Instagram DM could work like the Chat Assist on the Samsung Galaxy S24 series. You will have to write the intended message first, then use AI to rewrite it in a different intonation. Since Chat Assist is built into the keyboard, the method in DM on Instagram is to re-select the text with “ Write with AI “.

The screenshot shared by this source is of the Instagram app for Android. We have yet to confirm other details on this subject. However, we could expect Meta to roll out these updates gradually. As of now, we should wait for further confirmation from Meta.


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