Acer leads Chromebook market for third consecutive year

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According to a market research done by Gartner, Acer is currently leading the Chromebook market globally as they have won again for three consecutive years of leadership in this segment.

It should come to no surprise that since Acer's first Chromebook introduction two years ago - the Acer C7, the company continued to its sucess in 2016, with a share of 28% and saw a year-on-year growth of 33%. 

This also makes them having the most complete Chromebook portfolio on the market. They currently offer Chromebooks with screen sizes ranging from 11- to 15-inch, and come with an array of different forms and specifications to meet the unique needs of consumers, schools and businesses, such as models with premium all-metal housings, convertible form factors and military-grade construction for added durability in school settings.

Lastly, Acer will be launching a new range of Chromebooks in Malaysia soon. So stay tuned for more Acer news at