“Adieu to all the birds” - Elon Musk to change Twitter’s logo to an ‘X’

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Elon Musk today teased that Twitter will be changing its logo and moving away from the iconic blue bird soon. Furthermore, he also alluded to an ‘X’ logo replacing the current one, aligning with the change of the company’s business name to X Corp when he took over. 

The matter was, expectedly, announced on Twitter, with Musk saying that “soon we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and gradually, all the birds”. He also added that the change would be immediately implemented worldwide, “if a good enough X logo is posted tonight”. 

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It is unclear whether the change in logo would also mean a change in the social media platform’s name, or whether the name ‘Twitter’ would still be used. Musk earlier posted an image of a flickering "X" and later in a Twitter Spaces audio chat replied "Yes" when asked if the Twitter logo will change, adding that "it should have been done a long time ago".

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Twitter’s company name has already been changed to X Corp and this rebrand may be part of the billionaire’s plan to create a ‘super app’ like China’s WeChat. Well, for the latest development on this and for trending tech news, make sure to stay tuned to TechNave.