AirAsia aiming to be one of the biggest food delivery & e-hailing apps in Asia with Delivereat


When it comes to ordering food online, most people would automatically think of GrabFood and FoodPanda. However, there's also the airasia Super App and just recently, airasia CEO Tan Sri Tony Fernandes stated that he's quite confident the company can be one of the biggest food delivery, e-hailing and online travel agencies in Asia.

In case you didn't know, the AirAsia Group just also acquired Delivereat successfully a few months ago. Delivereat is one of Malaysia's local online food delivery platforms and could very well improve the delivery rate. Delivereat founder Tan Suan Sear is now the Group Head of airasia food whereas Leong Shir Mein is the Head of On-Demand for AirAsia's delivery arm, Teleport.

During the conference, Fernandes mentioned that he was impressed with Delivereat for being able to stand on its own. This is particularly true, as the pandemic has been tough on the industry for the past two years and counting. In August 2021, Teleport signed an agreement in acquiring a 100% equity interest in Deliveeat for US$9.8 million (~RM41 million).

On top of that, Fernandes also said there are plans for expanding to other Southeast Asia countries with the likes of Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines. Fernandes also shared that the reason why he was confident was because of his success story of starting AirAsia which has indeed become one of the biggest airlines in Asia.

Well, to be fair, he's not wrong about that. But we can only wait and see how the company grows the Super App. Stay tuned for more trending tech news at