Alienware unveiled the Concept UFO handheld gaming PC


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During CES 2020, Alienware unveiled the Concept UFO which is a handheld gaming PC the size of a Nintendo Switch. In terms of the tech specs, AndroidAuthority mentioned that the aforementioned gaming device comes equipped with PC-class components like a 10th generation Intel processor.

In terms of the performance, it will most likely not have enough power to smoothly run current generation Triple-A at maximum settings. As for the looks of it, it has a modular design which allows the user to swap out the controllers that are attached to the main body. 



With all that said, Dell does not have any plans to sell the Concept UFO to the general public for now. Would you be interested in owning the Alienware Concept UFO? Let us know on our Facebook page and for more updates like this, stay tuned to