Amazon Prime Video coming to Malaysia with Digi


Those of you who have subscriptions for online video content platforms like Netflix would have heard of Amazon Prime Video. The service was never available here in Malaysia before and few ever expected it to be. But Digi has put up a website confirming that the premium video content platform has come to our shores.

Malaysians can now subscribe to Amazon Prime Video for just RM14/month or try it out for 7 days before deciding to commit. Sounds like great news, right? Well, there are a few caveats to this. First, RM14/month is only for the first 6 months of subscription. After that duration, the fee will be set at RM27/month. More importantly, you will only be able to sign up and use the service if you're a Digi customer.


Digi customers will also get the chance to enjoy 15% rebate on the first month's Prime Video subscription. To be eligible, all you have to is sign up using EasyAdd. You can also pay via debit or credit card if you signed up through the site. One thing to note is that we're unsure if the rebate is an additional 15% off from the RM14 fee of the first month.

Signing up to Amazon Prime Video will provide you with another platform full of video content. This includes shows like Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (Amazon Original), Kung Fu Panda: The Paws of Destiny, and more. To access Prime Video, all you need to do first is download the app, which is accessible via devices like smart TVs or smartphones. Like other video content platforms, you can download the shows you want in order to watch offline at a later time.


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