An AI Assistant and "screen-sound technology" for vivo NEX


Here's another vivo NEX teaser promo, the new one may seem like it's nothing new but this is not just any AI feature - this time around, it seems that vivo is finally implementing its AI Assistant on board and if you know your vivo stuff, the AI Assistant's name is called Jovi and will probably be installed on NEX S as the premium phone.

Speaking of NEX S, the biggest brother of the three models is also packing some serious specifications according to vivo's official website in China, claiming that it will be carrying an 8GB + 128GB memory instead of 256GB. However, there is a leaked picture of a promo fillet below and from there, you can clearly see that there will be a 256GB model somehow. Along with that, the display size is going to be a huge 6.59-inch with no notch, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor and a "screen-sound technology"! Also, you can see the pop-up front camera there.


Oh yeah, the dual rear camera is 12MP + 5MP

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