Analysts predict coming of Apple iPad Pro?

Apple iPad Pro.jpg

A number of industry analysts have voiced opinions that Apple may soon be coming out with a tablet with power to handle high-performance tasks. According to them, this tablet could be called the Apple iPad Pro and would focus on word processing, spreadsheets and presentations (which we feel can already be done with the right apps). Furthermore, they say that the recent announcement of the Apple iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display leaves room for a 'Pro' model to exist. Many of them think that there is a huge market for such a tablet and we'd have to agree with them, but probably not for the uses they've described. There exists a huge market of engineers, designers, programmers and other higher-end users who bemoan the fact that there are currently no tablets which can support their needs. These analysts go on to predict that the Apple iPad Pro may go for a 13-inch screen utilizing the 64-bit A7 processor. Others expect Apple to come out with a touchscreen notebook that could fold into a tablet while weighing under 2lbs much like many of the other tablet convertibles out there. No Malaysia release dates or pricing details were available but with all rumours and opinions do take this with a pinch of salt.


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