Android 13 may make SIM cards obsolete by allowing connection to two carriers on a single eSIM

feat image multiple carrier esim 1.jpg

Google is reportedly working on a feature that would allow for devices running Android 13 to support multiple profiles on a single eSIM. This would essentially allow users to connect to more than one carrier with a single eSIM and make SIM cards obsolete.

Senior technical editor for Android developer platform Esper, Mishaal Rahman in a blog post last Thursday alluded to this feature coming to the big Android 13 update. However, no release date timeframe for the update was mentioned.


According to Rahman, Google’s alleged plans to  to allow for multiple enabled profiles (MEP) was referenced in the Android Open Source Project and Android Developers website. Speaking of which, Google was granted a patent in 2020 for an MEP solution that splits a single physical interface between different digital (logic) connections.

Rahman predicts that this feature will debut in Android 13 after finding evidence that Google has been trying out the MEP solution on "unspecified Pixel hardware". Furthermore, the solution isn't specific to Android either, meaning it could be applied to other operating systems such as iOS. 

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