Android 13 will allow users to customize vibrations according to different scenarios

Android 12 Beta cover EDITED.png

Photo courtesy of Android Headlines

More features of the upcoming major Android OS update have been revealed before the launch. In the second Android 13 beta for developers, features such as an application power consumption monitoring system and a slightly revised drop-down menu are spotted. However, there's another interesting one, which allows users to customize vibrations for several different scenarios. 

Mishaal Rahman, former editor-in-chief of XDA Developers and Android specialist, discovered a page for fine-tuning the smartphone's vibration after installing the update. According to Rahman's tweet, "Granular vibration sliders have been added to control alarm and media vibrations." Therefore, users can adjust the vibration's intensity from phone calls, the reception of an SMS, an alert or a simple notification to an alarm clock or reminder. 

Android 12 Beta 1.png

Besides that, it's also said that users can set the vibration to make it happen before the ringtone in the event of a call, which will help avoid embarrassment during a serious occasion. Additionally, the Android 13 could allow users to adjust the power of the screen's haptic feedback with great precision as well.

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