Android 14 could let you save app pairings in split-screen


If you're a heavy multi-tasker, there's nothing more convenient than being able to run multiple apps. The split-screen feature is best in that regard, but Google wants to improve its functionality with the next  Android version.

According to Mishaal Rahman, Android 14 will let you save an 'app pair'. This refers to when two apps are opened on a split-screen. With this update, users won't have to relaunch their favourite apps manually. Instead, they can save their favourite app pairs and launch them simultaneously in split-screen mode.

Of course, the feature is still being tested in Android 14 Beta 2, so it's not ready yet. But when it is, Rahman claims that you'll be able to add shortcuts to your favourite pairs to the home screen and launch them with ease.

By the way, this isn't a new idea since Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold phones and the Microsoft Surface Duo devices can do the same thing. But adding the feature to Android 14 would mean all Android users will eventually get access to it. Yes, even on your regular smartphone.

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