Android 14 to release on 4 Oct 2023, could be showcased at the Google Pixel 8 series launch


As you know, the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro will be unveiled tomorrow. But smartphones aren't the only thing that will show up at the Made by Google event. Google is also expected to show off the latest version of the Android operating system - Android 14.

According to Canadian carrier Telus (via 9to5Google), the date for an "Android U" update is 4 October 2023. This date corresponds with the expected launch of the Pixel 8 series tomorrow, so Google could also showcase Android 14 at the launch. Also, the update will be available to all Google smartphones from Pixel 4 series and above.

So, what can we expect from Android 14? There will be many changes and new features to the latest version of the operating system, many of which have yet to be confirmed. However, the developers did provide some details on what's new. The list includes improved font scaling, 10-bit HDR, lossless USB audio, and more. You can visit the Android developer website for a summary.

Since Google Pixel devices aren't available in Malaysia, the Android 14 release is more relevant for us Malaysians. It'll be interesting to see what else the new version has in store for us, so stay tuned to TechNave for further updates. Having said that, what are you hoping to see in Android 14? Let us know in the comments below!