Android 15 leaked: Google drops a big teaser with this easter egg


If you own an Android smartphone, you might want to pay attention to this news. Recently, Google dropped a huge easter egg for the upcoming Android 15. So, what should you know about it?

For your information, Google dropped this teaser in the Android 14 QPR3 Beta 1 update. It has always been the common practice for Google to drop an easter egg or hints that could lead to the next OS in the current update. Previously, Google did it when it featured an outer space-themed Easter egg in its Settings menu.

This time, you could notice a significant change to the Android logo. Instead of the circular logo that we have now, the new one features an inverted triangle. In case you didn’t know, the naming for each OS falls in alphabetical order. Currently, it’s U. Since the next letter is V, we could expect the next OS name to be “Vanilla Ice Cream”.

In addition, this claim has its merits. Besides the change in logo shape, the easter egg now references “Vanillaicecream^Tau,”. That means Google could be close to releasing a stable build for the Android 15. Rumour says the new update could arrive in March or April.

We have yet to confirm other details on the subject. As of now, we should wait for further confirmation from Google for this update.


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