Android TV revamp makes it look more like Google TV


Smart TVs with Android TV have gotten more affordable over the years, so more people have become interested in getting one. It helps that Google is actively improving the platform too. In fact, the company just updated Android TV's UI to make it more streamlined.

According to Wccftech, Google Google TV is expected to replace Android TV eventually. This is Android TV's UI has been revamped to become more like Google TV's UI. In addition to that, Android TV now has a few of Google TV's features, such as personalised recommendations.


Specifically, this is referring to the new Discover tab, which works like the "For You" tab on Google TV. It will list movies and TV shows that are trending on Google search, so you can quickly find new content to watch. The update has already started to roll out, with different regions set to receive it in the following weeks.

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