Android and iOS users can now access ChatGPT features without an account after download


ChatGPT, a chatbot from OpenAI has significantly changed the way people search and view search engines by providing a digital assistant at their fingertips. Currently, users need to sign in with an email, Google or Apple account to use ChatGPT on iOS, but this requirement may be lifted soon, allowing mobile users to access the AI assistant without an account.

According to Android Authority, OpenAI announced that users can access ChatGPT immediately without registering, initially referring to the web version. Recently, a beta version (v1.2024.136) on Android was spotted, allowing users to interact with the chatbot without needingr an account.

Additionally, this aligns with OpenAI's broader goal of making ChatGPT more accessible, potentially allowing Android and iOS users to use the service immediately after downloading. This move aims to make ChatGPT a more viable replacement for traditional search engines by removing the need for account creation.

However, some features remain limited without login such as users cannot save or check chat history or share chats without an account. Also, the upgraded ChatGPT-4o that allows image uploads is limited to users who are logged in either free or premium.

Free users have a limit for the number of image uploads and have to wait a long time for a reset with some users reporting up to 48 hours before the upload counter resets. We have yet to confirm other details on this subject. So, we should wait for more confirmation from ChatGPT.


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