Another xrOS software reference found inside Apple Store Connect


Apple's annual WWDC is coming real soon on 5 June 2023 and among the rumours, there's a good chance that we will see a new Apple VR headset. Allegedly dubbed the Reality Pro or xrOS, a developer spotted an xrOS reference in the App Store Connect. 

As discovered by Steve Troughton-Smith, what he did was trick the App Store Connect by submitting an app for xrOS. The platform then popped out a message saying “Incorrect Platform. You included the xros arm64 executable in your ios bundle. Only ios executables can be included". For your information, the Apple Store Connect is a platform for developers to manage and distribute their apps through the Apple ecosystem. 


With this, it's a strong indication that there are updated internal tools to detect xrOS binaries, at least according to Troughton-Smith. He also said the binary couldn't be simply punched in with a random OS name either, as it's a general rule that numbers must be based on Apple's platforms and App Store Connect. 

There are a couple of references regarding xrOS over a couple of months. Apple has already filed for wordmarks and trademarks and on top of that, Hello Games, the studio behind No Man's Sky tweeted a subtle teaser by posting an apple emoji. It doesn't look like anything, but the studio could be involved with Apple's VR ecosystem.