Apple CEO Tim Cook said that Android has "47 times more malware" than iOS

Apple Android malware cover EDITED.jpg

During the VivaTech 2021 conference held in Paris, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that Android has more malware than iOS as the former allows "sideloading" apps. The statement is also one of the reasons that the Cupertino-based company oppose the proposed European Law, Digital Markets Act (DMA).

According to Cook, Android has "47 times more malware" compared to his company's operating system by allowing users to sideload apps. The meaning of sideloading here is installing apps from the internet instead of doing it through the operating system's app store. It is said that the iOS has been designed in a way that there's one app store and all the apps are reviewed, hence provides stronger security.

The DMA is proposed to prevent the big tech companies from monopolising their position in the market. If it was enacted, strong players in the industry like Google, Amazon, and Apple itself would have to open up their platforms to competitors to build a fairer business environment for enterprises and individuals.

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