Apple Maps overhauled but will be available to US users for now


The modern smartphone user has gotten so used to navigating around using a map software that it's not wrong to say some are hopeless without one. Recently, Apple saw fit to release a newly redesigned Maps software for all iOS users in the United States.

For the impatient, Apple took too long to release this new version. But now it's out and it should deliver better road coverage, accurate addresses, pedestrian data, and more. According to the official press release, it should also have improved navigation capability. As mentioned, the new version of Maps is currently available to users in the US but will also be gradually released to other parts of Europe in 2020. Unfortunately, there was no mention of it being rolled out to other regions yet, let alone Malaysia.


Hopefully, Apple will release the new version for iOS in Malaysia soon. With that said, how many of you actually use Apple Maps for navigation or prefer an alternative? Let us know on our Facebook page and stay tuned to for more news updates.