Apple Music, TV and Devices have officially arrived on Windows


After a year of testing, Apple Music, Apple TV and Apple Devices have officially arrived on WindowsThis also marks the official end of the iTunes application on some computers.

As early as October 2022, Microsoft announced it would launch Apple Music and Apple TV apps on its app store. Therefore, the unbundling of iTunes functions took more than a year of preparation. The three applications launched this time are designed to replace the bloated iTunes, making its functional divisions clearer and consistent with the Mac version.

Three independent applications were launched as preview versions in January 2023 and have been continuously updated. Details are as follows:

  • Apple Devices
  • Apple Music
  • Apple TV

It is reported that the Apple Music app allows Windows users to listen to and manage music in the iTunes library. That includes content purchased from the iTunes store. The Apple TV app is used to watch and manage movies and TV shows on iTunes. Both apps also support access to Apple's streaming services - Apple Music and Apple TV+.

The Apple Devices app is designed for PC users to update, back up, restore and manage their iPhone and iPad. You can also sync content on your PC. Using the standalone apps requires Windows 10 or later. All three apps must be installed to fully replace iTunes. Once installed, iTunes will only be used to access podcasts and audiobooks. Don't delete your iTunes library yet, though, as the Apple Music and Apple TV apps will use it.

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