Apple Store at the TRX is the first Apple Store in Malaysia to fully use sustainable energy

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Apple today shared more about their first official physical store in Malaysia, called Apple The Exchange TRX. It will be officially opened on June 22, 2024, making it easier for local users to get various Apple products there. So, what should you know about it?

In addition to buying and selling Apple products, the Apple Store also has a knowledge-sharing room called Today at Apple with various learning sessions and different activities and also has room to make special appointments to learn more about an Apple product. Apple Store at TRX has a workforce of 160, and Apple says they have members covering 10 languages – making it easier for users to get information in a language they are comfortable with.

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Moreover, Apple also stated that this Apple Store in Malaysia has fully sustainable energy - like other Apple buildings. That means all Apple Stores are running on 100 percent renewable energy and is carbon neutral. It also features designs that are great for exterior light. This could be attributed to the use of various glass. Interestingly, it also showcases log-based building ceilings. Looks like architecture fans are in for a treat then.

With the opening of the Apple Store in Malaysia, Apple also activated Apple Pickup - allowing purchases to be made on the Apple website and items to be picked up directly at the Apple Store. Plus, the "JOM DISCOVER" exhibition showcased local creators and experts. It also features Live performances, inspiring talks, and behind-the-scenes glimpses—this was where creativity collided with technology. So, fellow Apple aficionados, if you find yourself in Malaysia, make a beeline for the Apple Exchange TRX Store.


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