Apple TV users say their remote control malfunctioned after Apple tvOS 17.4 update

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If you own an Apple TV, this news might catch your attention. Recently, some Apple TV users reported their third-party remote control malfunctioning after the Apple tvOS 17.4 update. That said, what should you know about it?

According to IT Home, Apple released the tvOS 17.4 update earlier this month, which mainly fixes bugs and improves performance. The most notable change is support for Apple Music SharePlay. However, according to user feedback, after the Apple TV device was upgraded to the tvOS 17.4 update, the third-party remote control malfunctioned and did not work as usual.

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In addition, the user feedback includes third-party remote controls from Sony, Samsung, Panasonic and other companies. These devices are not compatible with the Apple TV after the tvOS 17.4 update. Some users have found that they can get the remote to work with their Apple TV, but have to reset it each time. Currently, there is no known solution for it.

If you have not updated and have not enabled automatic updates on your Apple TV, it is recommended that you hold off on updating and wait for Apple to release a fix. We have yet to confirm other details on this subject. Hopefully, everything will be resolved soon.


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