Apple Watch Series 5, iPad and Apple TV 4K are now available in Maxis Zerolution from as low as RM1


Finally after a few weeks, Maxis is the latest telco to launch the Apple Watch Series 5 starting today onwards (13 December 2019). Besides that, customers will be able to also order the iPad and Apple TV 4K through Maxis Zerolution with the usual monthly instalments, zero interest rate, zero upfront payment and zero credit card. 

According to Maxis, they are offering two new plans for the Apple Watch Series 5 and iPad devices. First is the Maxis Postpaid Watch plan for just RM18 per month, where each subscription also includes a free three months introductory cellular trial (which users can share their mobile number, voice, SMS and data quota with their Apple Watch even without the iPhone). Then for the other plan, the Maxis Postpaid Tablet plan is also RM18 per month which offers 5GB high-speed data, with an option to upgrade to 10GB data and access shared Data Pool. 



On top of that, the Apple TV 4K is also available as mentioned. For a limited time only, current and new Maxis Fibre plan subscribers can add this to their collection from just RM1 per month which is also inclusive of the one-year subscription of Apple TV+. This is part of the Maxis Biggest Sale campaign so do check it out. 

For more information about these new promotion plans, you may visit their official website below for each product. Stay tuned for more Maxis news at 

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