Apple, Xiaomi, TCL and realme have faced shortage of supply due to the Coronavirus Outbreak!

Untitled-2.jpgThe recent widespread of the coronavirus which is known as SARS-VoC-2 originated from Wuhan district has now reached into multiple countries even the US. The outbreak has led to a shortage of supply in manufactures especially smartphone brands like Apple, Xiaomi, and realme.

According to the source, Chinese manufacturers such as Xiaomi, realme, TCL as well as Apple are the ones that have taken the hit due to the shortage of supply units for their smartphones, TV models and also air conditioning during the closure. Compared to those aforementioned brands, Apple has reported being getting the worst hit due to the outbreak because it crippled its supply chain and this extends to the company’s Apple Watch series as well.


Although most of the brands have got back into production recently, manufacturers still need to face the price hikes for some of the components needed for the productions which lead to either an increase in the product price for the consumers or absorption by the companies. This also creates a chain reaction towards both online and offline retailers where they are now stockpiling products fearing further shortage in the supply chain.

With that said, this could influence the market prices towards tech gadgets products and do start saving up to prepare for the hike. Do stay tuned for more latest news updates on