Apple caught BOE lowering the specs on the displays it made for iPhones

BOE iPhone display cheat cover EDITED.jpg

Photo courtesy of MacRumors

After this incident, display manufacturer BOE might have ruined its opportunities with Apple. According to the latest report, BOE has gotten caught by the iPhone maker as it quietly lowered the specs on the iPhone displays it made.

BOE is one of the trusted display suppliers of Apple, together with Samsung and LG. However, due to experiencing poor yield rates, the manufacturer decided to cheat by changing the circuit width of the film transistors, making them thicker for an easy manufacturing process. Unfortunately, it got caught by Apple, and the company is now hesitant to work with the manufacturer for the iPhone 14's displays.

The report also claims that BOE has sent out a C-level executive and employees to Apple's headquarters following the incident to explain why they changed the circuit width of the transistors. They have also asked the company to approve the production of OLED panels for iPhone 14, but no clear feedback was given since then. It's said that Samsung would still be the main supplier, providing all of the higher-specced displays for the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.

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