Apple could be bringing the "s" series back by launching iPhone 12s next

Apple iPhone 12S cover EDITED.png

Cover image credit: Forbes

Apple has always launched an "s" series of iPhones before moving on to the next generation. However, the company stopped doing the same for the iPhone 11 and proceeded with iPhone 12. For some reason, it looks like the tech giant has decided to continue the tradition by launching the iPhone 12s before iPhone 13.

According to the source, not only the iPhone 12s is coming, but it will also bring a smaller notch. It is claimed that Apple will use the latest D-ToF (Direct ToF) technology to replace the existing Face ID components. Therefore, it will reduce the volume of the 3D structured light sensor module inside the rectangular notch.

Apple iPhone 12S 1.png

Besides that, the iPhone 12s is also said to use the LTPO screen provided by Samsung. With the LTPO screen, the iPhone will finally have a higher refresh rate by supporting up to 120Hz. Furthermore, Apple's next-gen processor A15 is also expected to be presented together with the upcoming iPhones.

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