Apple could charge you for downloading apps that are not available on the App Store


With the Digital Markets Act (DMA) coming into effect in the European Union (EU) this year, online store operators need to allow users to download apps from third-party stores and make payments outside the ecosystem. According to the WSJ report, Apple will continue to charge for sideload applications.

According to the report, a fee is charged to check the security of the application before it is installed. The payment mechanism and the price that will be charged to users are still unknown at this point. According to Tim Cook, Apple is against sideloading applications because it endangers the device's security.

Moreover, Tim Cook has a point. Take Malaysia for an example, there are hundreds of cases of bank funds being siphoned off after Android users installed malicious applications as a sideload after being tricked.

It is unknown whether the EU will allow Apple to charge for this process since sideloading apps on Android does not incur any fees. Through the DMA, the EU wants to give people the option to download and make payments through channels of their choosing instead of being forced to do so now.

For developers, it allows them to fully collect payments in the application without losing up to 30% of the commission taken by online store operators.


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