Apple could offer an AI App Store for next-gen iPhones


Apple will focus on AI this year with iOS 18 being the biggest update in Apple's history. Siri is also said to be integrated with AI. As a result, the iPhone can process AI directly from within the device. Ben Reitzes from CNBC, a technology researcher at Melius Research told Apple not to lag in the AI race.

In addition, Apple could offer its own AI app store. This store will explain more about AI on the Apple platform and how to provide AI applications directly in this dedicated store. Reitzes stated that Apple can succeed with AI in the same way that Apple once succeeded in the modern music industry with iTunes.

Moreover, Apple already allows developers to come up with their app store in Europe. So, we could expect an alternative store for AI. Open AI also has a chatbot store for their premium customers using various types of chatbots with their themes. Let's all look forward to the WWDC event on June 11 to see what Apple plans for AI.


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