Apple iOS 17.2 Beta leaked - New update features improved "Category" browsing for the App Store


If you are an owner of Apple devices, this news might please you. Recently, Apple made some updates to the Category tabs on the App Store for iOS 17.2 beta. That said, what should you know about it?

For your information, the App Store could feature an improved version of the “Category” navigation bar. This category bar includes various app categories such as Entertainment, Education, Photo and Video, Music, Navigation, and so forth. Notably, the categories are similar to the categories tab that is placed at the bottom of the app section in the "Browse Categories" menu.

In addition, the “Games” section features a similar list of categories. For example, puzzle, casual, racing, indie, simulation, casino, and adventure. Like the “Categories” section, it is also placed at the bottom of the Games Tab. So that’s quite convenient.

Moreover, these categories shown in “Apps” or “Games” were available for the Apple Arcade. However, this feature has been expanded to other App Store sections. Plus, Apple could bring back the “Browse Categories” UI that was first launched in the Apple Arcade tab.

We have yet to confirm the Malaysia release date for this feature. As of now, iOS 17.2 is in beta and could be released around December 2023. Just have to wait a little more then.

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