Apple iOS 7 beta 4 confirms fingerprint scanner for iPhone 5S

iphone 5s fingerprint.jpg

For those not in the know (or aren't an Apple iOS developer) then know this, Apple's iOS 7 beta 4 has been released. Apart from the new features and bug fixes, going through the change log confirms a new fingerprint scanner for the upcoming Apple iPhone 5S. This was found by developer Hamza Sood who discovered a folder labeled "BiometricKitUI". This folder contained script which described processes that show a fingerprint scanner in action. This included statements like "a person holding an iPhone with their left hand while touching the Home button with their thumb" or "A fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process". This would be a definite change from the norm as most 'S' upgrades to the Apple iPhone have largely been software and not hardware related.

Apple iPhone 5S code.jpg


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