Apple iPad 5 Front Panel Leaks Confirm New Narrower Look?

Apple iPad5 front bezel 2.jpg

In our previous Apple iPad 5 rumour we mentioned that the fifth generation iPad could be going for a narrower look and feel with a thinner and lighter chassis. These new leaked pictures of a tablet's front panel seem to confirm this.

Apple iPad5 front bezel.jpg

Sourced from french blog Nowhereelse, the pics certainly seem compelling with direct pressure from the fingers on what appears to be the glass screen. However, while the previous rumour about a narrower Apple iPad 5 may be true, it could very well be the front panel of a china-brand tablet, many of which also have 9.7-inch screens. The source blog does have a good track record when it comes to Apple leaks, but as always, don't believe everything you see completely.