Apple iPhone 11 Pro still works after submerged in lake for 30 days

iPhone 11 Pro submerged cover EDITED.jpg

We have seen much news about previous models of iPhone survived extreme circumstances but seldom heard anything about the recent models. Now, it's time for it as a source reported that a woman retrieved a fully-functional iPhone 11 Pro after being submerged in the lake for 30 days.

A woman named Angie Carrier went fishing on Vasquez Lake in Saskatchewan, Canada and accidentally dropped the smartphone into the water. At the moment, the woman was hopeless about getting it back but somehow realized the photos in it are too precious to be lost forever. After 30 days, she went searching for it with a magnet and successfully found the device after two hours. Surprisingly, the iPhone still works as normal even if it's been in the lake for such a long time.

The iPhone 11 Pro is IP68-rated for water resistance but it looks like it's enough for it to survive such circumstances. Not only the Pro variant, but the iPhone 11 has also spent 6 months at the bottom of Harrison Lake in Canada. After being found, simply cleaning the phone somehow miraculously brought the device back to life.

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