Apple iPhone 5S and 5C available online at Malaysia Apple store from 31 October 2013

Apple iPhone 5S 31 October 2013.jpg

While the official announcement from Apple yesterday outed the Malaysia release date for the Apple iPhone 5S and 5C as 1 November 2013, a look at the Apple Malaysia site reveals another date. When you scroll down to the Shop online option the date you can start ordering online at the Malaysian Apple store is 31 October 2013. This means if you're looking to get the Gold Apple iPhone 5S then you should be prepared for a midnight rush on 30 October 2013. Looking back at the wording of the announcement and it specifically says "by 1 November 2013" which means that 31 October 2013 also works as it is before the 1 November 2013 deadline. 


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