Apple iPhone 5S battery tests completed, some improvement

Apple iPhone 5S battery life.jpg

The Apple iPhone 5S has been out in the market for quite some time. Bringing about a fairly big hardware upgrade over the previous Apple iPhone 5 with the 64-bit A7 processor and chipset along with a number of other upgrades, benchmarks of the iPhone 5S have been quite good in terms of performance. However, it has taken some time for complete battery benchmarks to be done. These battery benchmarks have since been done and the short answer is that the iPhone 5S is a bit more energy efficient than the iPhone 5 with a 5 hour or so battery life compared to the previous version. Bear in mind that this is on really heavy usage and that usuallyt, on normal usage, most users can expect about 10 hours or so worth of battery time on a single charge. This still isn't good enough to take out the battery life champion nor some of the other smartphones in the same price range but it does offer some measure of improvement over the previous iPhone.


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