Apple iPhone 8's official name leaked?


Can you believe it? We are actually just less than a week away from Apple's annual September event revealing the upcoming latest iPhone. Ever since last year, rumours of the iPhone 8 has never stopped until now and it's even proved to be more popular than the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus (if there's any). It makes sense since it will be the 10th Anniversary of the iPhone, but some think the name iPhone 8 just doesn't click and it could be called the iPhone X (10 in Roman number).

Well, as cool as it might sound, we have some bad news for you - according to Evleaks from Twitter he said the iPhone 8 could be the official name. This is due to two protective casings that were leaked displaying the iPhone 8 name. If this is the case, this will be the first time that Apple is skipping the 'S' series which means the 7s and 7s Plus might not even appear at all. But we are just speculating here.

Do you prefer the name iPhone 8 or iPhone X? Personally, iPhone X sounds more #swag. Stay tuned as we will definitely be covering the news next week at