Apple might surprise us again with a new Macbook Pro and AirPod Pro Lite in May


While the pandemic has halted many events and product launches all over the world, it's not really slowing down the smartphone industry. For instance, Apple have been releasing their products silently for these past two months with the new iPad Pro, iPhone SE 2020 and others. Now according to @jon_prosser and other sources, Apple might be releasing a new Macbook Pro and a pair of new AirPods.

First, there is barely any information about the new AirPods, but it's said that the new pair will be a more affordable AirPods Pro variant. So in other words, it's safe to assume that they could have the same design and sound quality. However, the active noise cancellation might not be part of the features. Sounds like an AirPods Pro Lite variant here to us, and this could potentially halt production of the first Apple AirPods generation. 

Then for the Macbook Pro, reports are saying there will be two variants - 13.3-inches and 14.1-inches. The molds will be upgrades, so as the processors with the 10th Gen Intel Core processors with a keyboard using the scissor mechanic. In terms of price, it will probably be in between RM4k to RM5k, at least.

We will be keeping an eye out of Apple's surprise attack next month. Until then, stay tuned for more trending tech news at